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We find that sex significantly impacts social network recall, however being made aware of one's sex does not.

Our results provide evidence that differences in male and female networks may be partly due to sex-based differences in network cognition.

ABSTRACT: Circumstantial evidence alone argues that the establishment and maintenance of sex differences in the brain depend on epigenetic modifications of chromatin structure.

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Using 3G-sex as a model to understand sex differences in other domains (e.g., brain, behavior) leads to the erroneous assumption that sex differences in these other domains are also highly dimorphic and highly consistent.

But parallel lines of research have led to the conclusion that sex differences in the brain and in behavior, cognition, personality, and other gender characteristics are for the most part not dimorphic and not internally consistent (i.e., having one brain/gender characteristic with the "male" form is not a reliable predictor for the form of other brain/gender characteristics).

Therefore although only ~1% percent of humans are 3G-"intersex", when it comes to brain and gender, we all have an intersex gender (i.e., an array of masculine and feminine traits) and an intersex brain (a mosaic of "male" and "female" brain characteristics).

ABSTRACT: How does an individual's sex influence their recall of social relations?

Extensive research has shown that social networks differ by sex and has attempted to explain these differences either through structural availability or individual preferences.