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He first tricks a pharmacist into selling him abortion pills, which he then mixes in with vodka into his mother’s favorite drink.

Stuart drinks it for her because she isn't allowed to drink while pregnant, and it causes him to have heavy diarrhea.

Kenny then sees a commercial for a new amusement park ride called the “John Denver Experience”, which pregnant women shouldn't ride, and takes his parents to North Park Funland to ride it.

Cartman, in search of more mature friends, accidentally joins the "North American Man/Boy Love Association", and puts all the boys of South Park in jeopardy as a result.

Meanwhile, Kenny tries to stop his mother and father from having another baby.

Cartman wants to hang out with older males than Stan, Kyle, and Kenny; because he feels he’s too mature for them.

So he starts looking through a chat room on the internet, and stumbles upon the topic: “Men Who Like Young Boys” (unaware they were internet predators only interested in him on account of his young age).

He gets an overflow of replies and converses with some eager men, potential pedophiles and child molesters who act like they want to be friends with him.


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    Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of German Language and Literature. Stjepan Baloban: Hrvatski identitet u Europskoj uniji (Die kroatische Identität in der Europäischen Union), Centar za promicanje socijalnog nauka – Zagreb, Glas Koncila, 2004. (Aster, S.: Kinderwelten verstehen, Füssli Verlag, Zürich und Köln, 1992 S. Mondekar, D., Saucha, T., Tutiš, S.: Pojmovnik Bolonjskog procesa i analiza provedbe reforme visokog školstva u Republici Hrvatskoj, Socijaldemokratska studentska unija, Agram naklada 2005.