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The tagline roughly translates to "We want to send you sexy thoughts! Infants are rough and mine decided naps were out of the question this week. I rocked out to Ozzy Osbourne's ― When we first met Asuka and Ryu, they were resisting falling for each other.

Instead of trying to save their school, the plot involves the μ's having an orgy in the classroom and "being trapped" by boys in the library. Meanwhile, the actual ― Hey everyone, this classic List is brought to you courtesy of an uncooperative baby.

The actors revealed on Twitter that they were filming a promotional video.

Asuka has the old-fashioned dream of one day marrying and becoming a stay-at-home wife and mother, while Ryu, a popular newscaster, likes living life his way on his terms, none of which ...― While not as big as Anime Japan in terms of attendees, event space, or number of exhibitors, Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair (Kyo MAF) is still one of the biggest anime events in the Kansai area, and...― While there are numerous gaming conventions held around the world, many of the larger news stories come from major tradeshows.

Some of them say they find the work thrilling and others say that the genuinely care about their clients.