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---------- Simply insert you code into the sections indicated by the comments below and your away!

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A simple test helps prevent this: A very flexible function to recursively list all files in a directory with the option to perform a custom set of actions on those files and/or include extra information about them in the returned data.

---------- SYNTAX: $array = process_dir ( $dir , $recursive = FALSE ) $dir (STRING) = Directory to process $recursive (BOOLEAN) = [Optional] Recursive if set to TRUE RETURN VALUES: The function returns an indexed array, one entry for every file.

Each entry is an associative array, containing the basic information 'filename' (name of file) and 'dirpath' (directory component of path to file), and any additional keys you configure. ---------- To allow you to configure another key, the entry for each file is stored in an array, "$entry" for each iteration.

You can easily return any additional data for a given file using $entry['keyname'] = ...

(Note that this data can be any variable type - string, bool, float, resource etc) There is a string variable "$path" available, which contains the full path of the current file, relative to the initial "$dir" supplied at function call.