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list) { //generate a Random instance var rnd = new Random(); //get the count of items in the list var i = list.

Count(); //do we have a reference type or a value type T val = default(T); //we will loop through the list backwards while (i = 1) { //decrement our counter i--; //grab the next random item from the list var next Index = rnd. Count()); val = list[next Index]; //start swapping values list[next Index] = list[i]; list[i] = val; } } Does anyone know of a simple way to do this?

Note that the lists usually have less than ten entries in them. Sorry but I am not very familiar with LINQ I have just heard a suggestion that I could use that.

A website for the depressed who are looking for someone. The statistics and stories that you see on ads are a bunch of bull.