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Follow IMDb on Facebook For 12 year old Alexander Cooper, everyday is a bad day.

See more » Throughout the entire movie, while the characters are on their cell phones, the screen is lit up. See more » When I heard Disney was turning a 20 page children's book into a 90 minute film starring Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner I knew this was the beginning of a terrible horrible no good very bad movie."I've seen the penis of everyone in this car." This is what Disney tries to pass off as entertainment.$28,000,000! There aren't any special FX, stunts, spaceships, or aliens in this film!

On these makes of cell phones (i Phone) when the phone is held to your ear, the screen goes black. I can only conclude they spent it on catering for the cast and crew.

The screen only lights up when the phone is removed from your ear. Alexander's terrible horrible no good very bad day begins with him fall out of bed and reading an email on his laptop about a friend's party.

That line isn't for the family nor is it entertaining.


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