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In the last few weeks, there have been scandals about so-called sock puppet reviews, when authors have paid for fake reviews or even created them under false identities.

Whatever your thoughts on this type of thing, there’s no doubt that having great reviews can help your book sell.

Personally I give away books and ask for reviews if people enjoy them, and I consider reviews to be critical in the sales process online, so I will continue to seek them out (ethically) for my own books.

Today, guest blogger Laura Pepper Wu We all want more book reviews but until you have a huge readership waiting for organic reviews can be… One way to get more high quality, (usually) well-written and highly regarded reviews is to ask the ‘Amazon Top Customer Reviewers’ to take a look at your book.

While I’ve seen some reviewers with 7,000+ reviews, the Top Customer Reviewer award is not only about the number of reviews one person has churned out.


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