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Perhaps it takes a minute or two before those fuzzy early-morning receptors slowly spark and blink back into life.

And then he remembers: Rachael - his cousin and personal assistant for more than a year - had to fly back to her hometown of Memphis a couple of days ago due to a family emergency.

That would explain the quietness, he thinks, and the fact that the guesthouse she uses down at the other end of the villa is dark, empty and still.

Needless to say, such tranquillity is a privilege for Timberlake - "I wake up alone, in an entirely empty house, maybe only once or twice during the entire year," he'll explain to me later - but he also knows he'll miss Rachael's efficient pair of hands to help him with his life laundry: the day-to-day jobs such as attending to his two boxers, bought by Timberlake's mother Lynn three years ago -Buckley (named after Jeff by Timberlake) and Brennan (named by Rachael).

The dogs are hungry and yapping; something Timberlake's head could do without in his still somewhat fragile state: he's had full-blown, stay-in-bed-and-groan flu for the past six days and is only just pulling his toxic body out of the shivering wreckage.