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I’ve been with my fiancé for a little over 2.5 years now. We’ve lived an hour apart for our entire relationship except for the past month or so, I’m in the middle of moving in.We’d still see each other every weekend, sometimes more.

He had a roommate and I just figured he used it to take pics of himself for the computer.

It bothered me because I didn’t really know, but I got over it and let it go.

I’ve spent more and more time here for the past 6 months, since we’ve got engaged, so I’ve used his computer a lot more as well.

I was messing around one day and found a ton of pornography on it.

I told him I felt bad that he was looking at these women-but I felt even worse because I was the one who looked it up in his documents on his computer-I felt I invaded his privacy-I didn’t want to be one of those crazy girlfriends/fiancés.


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