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In truth, this is undoubtedly been going on for decades, but the combination of the sexual assault posse culture that the Education Department’s “Dear Colleague” letter inflicted on campuses combined with social media shaming prompted the college to act as if it had no idea such vulgarity was going on.

The , in this case to see if frat boys making sexual innuendos about sorority girls during an extra-curricular event, is an abuse of the law and free speech intimidation, and is unwarranted, except, I suppose, to make Old Miss immune from is whether conduct with sexual content and intent rises to the level of non-consensual and unwelcome sexual harassment in which students are “deprived of equal and free access to an education.” Being subjected to rude comments on Derby Day when in all likelihood the women participating knew what was coming isn’t going to deprive anyone of anything. The fraternity has apologized, saying that “we failed to do enough to stop certain things that were being said at the event. We just didn’t do enough”—you know, This is a Level 10 Apology: “An insincere and dishonest apology designed to allow the wrongdoer to escape accountability cheaply, and to deceive his or her victims into forgiveness and trust, so they are vulnerable to future wrongdoing.” At least Otter was honestly contemptuous and defiant: “I think the question all Panhellenic women at Ole Miss (and women everywhere, greek or not) should be asking here is “why?

” Why do we pay money to participate in these events to be humiliated? Women’s fraternities were started as an empowerment movement – what happened? The women who stood and played along while these frat creeps were degrading them consented to it, and allowed themselves to be objectified.

The first woman verbally abused at the event should have walked off the stage. By not making their refusal to be abused clear, they consented to participating in a sexist and dehumanizing culture and ritual.

They share responsibility for the culture they contribute to by their acceptance of it and participation in it. Abby Bruce is an excellent example of what is meant by “third party harassment.” Though she was only watching other women being verbally degraded, and though those women may not have been offended by their own treatment, Abby’s perception of her own status as a woman on campus was negatively affected. If all the women present had walked out, that would have effectively solved the problem. More Abby: “Women are scared to speak out about these things. This is about women’s empowerment.” Let me re-phrase a bit.


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