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) dictionaries, disaffiliation means to terminate an affiliation. So does the girl who becomes a Rho Chi technically quit (disaffiliate from) her sorority or is it really more along the lines of an honor system? That the sorority member disaffiliates herself from her sorority so that she may become a recruitment counselor (Rho Chi or what ever it might be called) so she can be impartial and help the PNMs during their journey etc.

And that once recruitment is over, the PX re-affiliates with her chapter.

As such, my general understanding is that each PX is required to sign something with their campus panhellenic stating they understand and accept the Rho Chi duties particular to that campus.

And most take some sort of oath or pledge saying the same. What I am interested in are the mechanics of disaffiliation. And what - if any - *official* assurances does a former member have that she will be allowed to return to her chapter after her Rho Chi duties are complete?

For example, does the sorority chapter and/or national require the member to sign something? Something like "At the completion of my Rho Chi duties on Tuesday, August 12th, I will be re-affiliate with the XY chapter of ABC Sorority in good standing." And not to get into sorority business or ritual, but after recruitment is over, does a chapter have to technically vote to the re-affiliate the former member back in since she - by definition - quit her sorority.