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Claire told The Christian Post in an emailed statement that while a majority of its members are Americans who live outside the U.

S., the site will eventually grow to serve Christians from other countries."While the site only works for English speakers," he said, the team plans to "open up the dating website to other language speakers as well, beginning with Spanish."Due to the security risks involved, St.

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Christian Match Maker belongs to the latter group, as their main target audience is Christians.

Of course, this fact isn’t just showcased in the name, as Christian Match Maker designed its matchmaking to consider specific aspects related to Christianity when recommending possible date partners.

But the extra features of this service don’t stop there, as the site provides users the opportunity to meet new and popular members in a randomized fashion, start live chatting, or burst a personal message into the dating crowd by mega winking.

Check out our ministry partner, The Singles Network Ministries UK.

A ministry designed to help connect churches, groups and ministries who are focused on single adults in the UK as well as providing resources and training.


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