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As a divine champion, it is not all the time you set a goal that you realize it at first instance.Many times, you have to try and try over and over again before you succeed.The important thing is that as a child of God you will win at the end…and there is a reward of everlasting victory and permanent joy for every divine champion that achieves his divine goals.

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When the Lord decided to move us from the FIRST AUDITORIUM at the Redemption Camp, there were many people who felt that the auditorium we were moving from was the biggest they had ever seen or had.

Also, when the Lord decided to move us away from the SECOND AUDITORIUM to the ARENA where we presently worship, many said it was impossible, but it happened.

Today, the Lord is set to move us to a bigger arena because the children need to occupy the present one.

Many of us have lost our miracles because we stopped too soon.

A divine champion sets goals believing that with God, nothing shall be impossible (Luke ).