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Cool Record Edit Pro is able to record audio from any sound source or input losslessly, like sound being played by media player apps, sound from a microphone, an external LP, cassette, CD/DVD player, AM/FM/Satellite radio, etc.

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You can fade in/out, add echo, change speed/pitch, amplify, normalize, equalize, reverb, reverse, apply many filters and more. Every effect can be adjusted via presets or parameters and real-time preview is supported.

Wide range of supported formats enables you to process recordings and audio files and save them to playable formats on any devices to share with friends and families.

You can also create a music CD from them with editable CD text & optional burning speed.

The wizard will help you through each step from inserting disc to getting burned CD.

As you shop, make sure to check and compare the software, mechanical functionality, retrofits, and service factors including training, installation, and calibration.