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Her girlfriend left town just before the big blizzard hit and left her all alone to shovel out from under, while she was off hanging out with friends. Or is there something that could have happened differently to make her stay? From Abby Wambach gaining our attention to Bre-Z joining the cast of Empire.

Marriage equality became law of land in the US and the White House turned rainbow for a day.

Check out the highs and lows of 2015 for the LGBT community. All these lesbian sex questions and more are answered by Jenny Block, sexuality and orgasm expert.

How do you know if the person you're with is really turned on?

I have a set of dates, how do I start using this library: '2009-01-01' , '2011-07-01' none overlapping date '2012-01-01' , '2016-09-01' non overlapping date '2015-01-01' , '2015-02-01' overlapping date '2016-01-01' , '2016-02-01' overlapping date How do I get the total actual months for these dates?


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    is a free, modern dating website where you can post and browse offline date proposals from people around your location, or just browse people's profiles and contact those you find interesting to you.

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    Some outlined incredibly specific things that the sender wanted to do to me.

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    Also, you'll learn how to complete hand calculations and Excel applications - and when it's best to use each.

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    Meloxicam, or Mobic, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) mainly used for treating pain, stiffness, and reducing swelling caused by arthritis.