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"` ; this one puts both ' and "s inside a string Message Box MB_OK "$\"A quote from a wise man$\" said the wise man" ; this one shows escaping of quotes Create Shortcut "$SMPROGRAMS\NSIS\ZIP2EXE project workspace.lnk" \ "$INSTDIR\source\zip2exe\zip2exe.dsw" Message Box MB_YESNO|MB_ICONQUESTION \ "Do you want to remove all files in the folder?

\ (If you have anything you created that you want \ to keep, click No)" \ IDNO No Remove Label Configuration file If a file named "nsisconf.nsh" in the config directory exists, it will be included by default before any scripts (unless the /NOCONFIG command line parameter is used).

The config directory on Windows is the same directory as is in.

On other platforms this is set at install time and defaults to $PREFIX/etc/.

You can alter this at runtime, see section 3.1.3 for more information.