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When plans were announced to move the entire school away from Beaumaris to Menai Bridge there was considerable opposition from the people of Beaumaris to what they considered to be the arbitrary closure of their old school and the end of the centuries old tradition of secondary education in the town. 1609), the founder of Beaumaris Grammar School, was born in a stable of Llantrisant, Anglesey.

He may have been the David Hughes of county Caernarvon, b.

1561, who entered Gray's Inn from Magdalen College, Oxford, 28 January 1583 (Foster, Alumni.

Oxon.; Gray's Inn Admission Register, -3), but another account of him, contained in the papers of Christopher Wase (now held at Corpus Christi College, Oxford) states that he attended Magdalene College, Cambridge.

He was appointed 'Tutor to a person of Qualitie who conferred upon him liberall Gratuities & settled upon him a Large Annuitie'.