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(Really – he has the positioning of the arm as seen in [1958 / trailer] down pat.) The slow devolution of human society and how the people slowly become frenzied blood-thirsty killers is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the film, but like everything in the movie it is underdeveloped and overly rushed.

In general – actually: across the board – the acting sucks, and often, I would hazard to say, not only by Western standards.

The girls are all cute; the guys all skinny and that demons are people, too, and sometimes people are demons (or at least evil) – many of the demons, for example, just want to survive and don't really do evil, whereas the humans do a lot of evil by the end of the film (hell, they destroy the world).

But there is a bigger message hidden in the film, one that is decipherable when you view things from a distance and start putting together one plus actually a tract on alternative sexualities (re: homosexuality) and learning to accept them in others and yourself.

Obviously, there is a deep-seated latent homosexual attraction from childhood between Akira and Ryô, and the tension it causes is intensified in their teens by the appearance of an attractive girl Miki (Ayana Sakai of [2003 / trailer]) who not only has the hots for Akira but awakens heterosexual desires in the young lad – to the great displeasure of Ryô, whom Miki instinctively dislikes (she probably senses the latent sexual tension between the two youths).