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Three diamond rings are another popular choice today with their symbolic message of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Usually consisting of a center diamond enhanced by two matching smaller diamonds.

The three diamond ring creates an impressive display of diamond brilliance and fire and can feature smaller accent diamonds as well for an even fancier look.

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While diamond wedding sets are the standard today, some brides opt for a more elaborate standalone ring.

This is often the path of choice when creating a custom design that may be wide on the finger and have contours that would not line up with a conventional band.

For those that want both, a matching band can also be custom made to fit the contours of the custom engagement ring.

The biggest key to any diamond engagement ring are the diamonds that go into them.

Although the pictures of my ring were stunning, nothing prepared me for the real thing! The ring is more beautiful than I ever imagined and I am so happy with it. For centuries diamond engagement rings have been the symbol around which couples have joined together in a union of love and devotion.


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