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The hole will then close down naturally to the size of the permanent earrings within four weeks.

We use only 24K gold earrings because they contain no nickel at all. Many of our clients ask if we can use their earrings.

Unfortunately we cannot use your earrings to pierce your child’s ears.

They have a very sharp tip on the to facilitate quick and painless ear piercing.

Suitable for lip, chin, monroe, tragus, helix, cartilage and other 1.2mm piercings. Also available with a thinner 1mm (18g) bar - Clear gem and Gold-Plated with Clear gem (... Can be used to pierce ears in conjunction with the caflon blu piercing gun. Gorgeous costume jewellery - Pair of mini silver coloured stainless steel studex earrings which are ideal for everyday use especially if you have sensitive ears.


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