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Previously on Star Trek: Enterprise: The Mirror Universe! T’Pol looks through Spock’s viewmaster, or rather, the Defiant science officer’s viewmaster, and sees Tholian ships moving toward them. Archer then looks at the viewscreen and sees that the Tholians have rapidly formed another web to block their escape from the asteroid spacedock. No, wait, it’s the same Mirror Universe credits as the previous episode, thankfully.

Archer wants to make off with the Defiant, but it’s being held in place by “docking clamps”, and firing ship’s thrusters doesn’t help.

And a Tholian web that was this close to actually being a useful, practical weapon.

When we return, Trip and T’Pol continue to try to get weapons working, while Archer stalks around the bridge pouting.

At long last, weapons are online, impulse engines are functional, and they’re able to get the ship free of the clamps.