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Students in the early years are especially curious about how the world works.Consequently, there is a dilemma about when to introduce ideas into the curriculum.On the one hand, rushing to teach elementary students about atoms or galaxies is not likely to be productive.

In the arrangement used here (and also in ), benchmarks dealing with gravity, electromagnetism, and scale appear in several different sections.

For example, 4A: The Universe, 4B: The Earth, 4F: Motion, and 4G: Forces of Nature are intimately linked by ideas of gravitational attraction and immense scales of distance, mass, and time.

And 4D: Structure of Matter, 4E: Energy Transformations, and 4G: Forces of Nature are linked by ideas of electromagnetism and minute scales of distance, mass, and energy.

Benchmarks for any section are connected to others and should be read in the context of the others.

The physical universe is a subject in which many ideas make high demands on students' comprehension and imagination.