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I was well on my way to making the Olympic team - and he would help me get there. and although a nice man, he was an extremely hard coach. If you have any knowledge on Chinese sports people... My first training session with him he told me that I needed to lose 10 kg's. My world was now ruled by restricting calories, and throwing up any food I did consume. Of course, most of it had been digested and the majority of what I threw up was bile. Deep down, I knew that if I continued like this, I would die - soon. I thought of my mom, having to bash down the bathroom door - to find me lying dead in a pile of my own puke. Within 1 week she had worked her persuasive magic and I was sitting in her office. Opening up about my bulimia to Amanda was an important step in my recovery... Sometimes it would be easy to forget that I was ever bulimic. I would really appreciate it if you would share your story too! It lets other sufferers know that they're not alone... I'm really ashamed of that and I've never told anyone that … Our classes had conjoining desks, everyday during class he would put his hands under …

I still remember his words in broken English "Augh! I have lots of terrible bulimia stories from this time - here's one that I remember vividly: One night I had eaten an apple... By the time I finished my mouth was bleeding and I sobbed myself helplessly to sleep. Bulimia stories, like the one above, happened pretty much on a daily basis. This thought drove me to send an email that would change my life... I told her a few of my bulimia stories and asked her if she could 'treat' me Online. I was so damn nervous that I felt like I was going to puke (what was new I guess! It relieved me of some of the shame I felt about being bulimic. Do any of my bulimia stories sound familiar to yours? and of course we all know the saying "A problem shared is a problem halved". After 20 years; The Worst Day Ever - Jays bulimia story My name is Jay and I've been bulimic for nearly 20 years.

Needless to say when I was 17 - just 3 months before the Olympic Games (I was in the NZ squad) I packed diving in. By the time I was 17 - I no longer restricted what I would eat. Talking about my bulimia made me feel strangely empowered... From the first day I opened up about my bulimia, I realized the importance of having somebody to report back to about my daily feelings, trials and triumphs... IMPORTANT NOTE: Please take care in writing your story, keep it healthy and healing for others to read. First, let me say how thankful that I am that I came across this site. I haven't seen any other posts from guys, so I don't know if this just a site for women, or …

One thing is certain - she didn't know how bad I was. This is the first time I've properly quit, and I know I'm done with bulimia forever. What I truly want for Christmas - a bulimia free life Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a mac laptop, some clothes, a pandora charm, a manicure, a new ring, a kitten and a car would be nice. Dont judge me when youre doing the same thing to your body.

This is what inspired me to create The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community... 8 years without adding any new bulimia stories to my list! I'd appreciate it if you don't mention any specific numbers such as weight and calories as it may be triggering to future viewers :) Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page... but still BLOATED, whats the average time this will last? A ballerina's secret; 6 months and counting, but it stops now!