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Most people tend to tune me out anyway, so what's the difference? If you feel something for someone, you will work with them to develop communication and alleviate barriers.If not, don't and move on, don't crucify someone for living life and having issues, no one is different from another. Don't give it begrudgingly, give it with your heart.

I would definately date a deaf guy if he ticked all the boxes lol. The only question that comes to my mind is if you were born deaf, how does writing come to you?

I'd love to learn to sign, I've done some signing before but I'd need to brush up, so long as he was willing to put up with my slow learning then I'd be more than willing to get involved in deaf socials etc and learn more about his culture. In other words, as I write I hear what I'm thinking.

Sometimes it's almost like I'm taking dictation from a little voice at the back of my mind.

I have thoughts that don't require words, but if I try to write them down I always hear them.

Do you see signs as you write or is it just the letters themselves or something completely different?


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