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A woman has travelled the world in luxury and doesn't have to spend a penny - because men pay all her expenses.

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In total, Chelsea estimates that her dates have spent a combined £20,000 to be in her company but insists there's no pressure to have an intimate relationship with them.

The web page for Miss Travel says "Escorts are not allowed".

The part time make-up artist, who recently moved to the UK, now plans to continue travel dating until she meets the man of her dreams.

Read more: Women do this one thing far more than their male partners during sex Chelsea said: "I have the best hobby in the world, not only do I get to travel to the most amazing destinations I get to meet wonderful men at the same time.

Since joining Miss Travel in 2015, Chelsea has been skiing for a week in Norway, had a three day getaway partying in Las Vegas and spent a week sightseeing in New York.