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In Quatrain 6.33, Nostradamus describes a very troubling scenario: what appears to be the US military in Iraq finally defeats or destroys someone identified as "Alus" or "bloody Alus" with their "last hand" (meaning a final last-ditch effort).This could be Bashar al-Assad of Syria or a monster who overthrows him with the blessing of either the EU or Russia.Afterwards, according to the same quatrain, the US will be unable to be adequately supported by its naval forces (and air forces based on aircraft carriers).

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His first act has been to capture two Americans and hold them as media hostages.

Also, "Alus" fits his name well, according to Erika Cheetham's first book on Nostradamus.

She states that "Alus" might be a variation on "Malus" and that these letters could be combined.

Thus, Abu Ayyab al-Masri (Almas = Alus) could be this figure.

When the current war against the insurgency in Iraq or a soon-to-come civil war in Iraq escalates to include the nations of Syria, Turkey, and Iran, then the time for the above quatrain will have arrived.