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PH9 has posted a new promo for this fall's 009 Re: Cyborg, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex writer/director Kenji Kamiyama's update of the classic fujitive robot sci-fi thriller Cyborg 009.

The new version recasts the international cyborg crew as intelligence officers, but the preview is far more Jason Bourne than John le Carré.

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Inspired by the Grand Guignol theatre tradition as well as the ero-guro art movement and its notorious manga inheritor, Suehiro Maruo, Lychee Light Club revolves around a group of boys who aren't handling adolescence particularly well. All of which is bound to, and does, end in truly gruesome fashion. Also published in Norht America by Vertical, Shuzo Oshimi's The Flowers of Evil is slated to be adapted into anime.

They form a He-Man Women Haters Club secret society. The manga follows what happens after a adscolent boy is blackmailed by a classmate when she discovers him stealing another girl's gym uniform Always looking for clues, an Evangelion fan tracked down the Hideaki Anno sketched paper lamp produced for the Bonbori Matsuri (Paper Lamp Festival) and was puzzled to find "Eva-08 alpha" promoting the November release of Evangelion 3.0.

Last year's Anno lamp was a more straight forward, if still provocative...

Anime fans with an eye towards animation have been on the look out for the OVA adaptation of HERO's Hori-san to Miyamura-kun and a new 30 second preview does seem to suggest that the project is going to in fact yield something interestingly idiosyncratic.

The four-panel series follows the relationship between an attention grabbing but conventional girl and a more anonymous boy who is secretly pierced and tattooed.