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TV Station Shows New Corporate Sensitivity to US Racism Jeremy Lin Portrayed Prematurely As Unwanted Discard Dance group Dance group Kaba Modern joined with Youtube celebrities Kev Jumba, Happy Slip, and others at UC Irvine to raise awareness about hepatitis B among the Asian American student body for the B HERE Campaign.

For a generation of young artists, the existence of a never-before-seen mass audience of Asian Americans on You Tube represents an opportunity of game-changing proportions.

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' So I realized that I really wanted to tell these little stories about my family, whether there was an audience for them or not.

And I started shooting and editing these videos and uploading them to You Tube.

Not knowing if anyone was even watching felt kind of liberating, in fact.

I realized I could just do whatever I wanted." But what she did - gently hilarious one-woman skits in which she portrays as many as a half-dozen members of her extended Filipino American family - proved to be wildly popular.

So much so that, a year and a half later, her Happy Slip channel is the fifth most subscribed on You Tube.


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