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As if divorce is not hard enough on children, here goes Mommy dearest 'airing grown folks business' in an attempt to embarrass daddy after being divorced for about six years. Those issues are between adults of them their son does not not need to know those kinds of details. It's scary to have people you don't know come up to you, knowing so much about your life. I listened to her story very closely, but in my opinion she should have been socking some money away because she knew what he was like all those years, it looks to me like she is looking for a payday.

And the more I listened I felt that she was trying to plug that book that was conveniently lying on the end table next to her, the opposing side to Steve Harvey's "act like a lady ..." book.

Women, especially those who are in bad relationships need to prepare for the future.

I don't feel sorry for her in the least, and why did she not get an attorney of her own? and that judge just steam-rolled the hell out of her.

I think she is doing an injustice to their son by dragging their dirty linen through the public, although time passes people don't completely forget, who knows maybe it will make him (their son) famous one day.


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