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4 million - Many many successful and dynamic "EXPORTERS" (and some successful and dynamic "EXPORTED" ones) and private entrepreneurs.

A FEW extremely necessary highly efficient civil servants. An inhabitant is a Portugoose (plural: Portugeese).

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The Portuguese are known for being pioneers in world navigation, as brave Portuguese sailed far far way, establishing codfish trading posts in Africa, South America, India, Japan and Iceland (they only kept the Iceland one, because they didn't get any codfish from the rest).

After a long day of sailing in the direction of Jamaica, where they planned to take over, steal all their marijuana and name it Portugal-"mon", a storm brewed and drifted them onto the South American shore.

The Portuguese then decided to "fertilize" the land with their semen and kill any remaining Tarzan-like natives.

This land had a mysterious power as all the Portuguese explorers felt "hot" for each other after being their for 30 minutes.

The land was then named Brazil due to the herb Basil, which was known as the gay herb since the Portuguese dictator Jesus said so.