How to write an opening email on a dating site

As I stressed in the previous two posts, first impression is vital in dating.

It is especially so for online dating because of how efficient it is to meet people over the Internet.

It is important to follow up with a second, more fluid first impression, and that’s the very first email you send to a potential date. Have you ever received an email from a total stranger, and the email reads like a novel?

Contrary to the advice I gave on how to write a great profile (lengthy but packed with punches), a great first email should be short, sweet, and enticing. What do you usually do with the email after skimming a few lines?

I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t give my time as generously to reading emails from people I don’t already know, and I tend to hit the delete button more often. We may share a few things in common, particularly an interest in snapping photos and a degree of intellectual snobbery.

The same is true for emails I get from people on online dating sites. As always, an example speaks volume, so here is one that caught my attention immediately: “Hmmm. Let’s swap photos; or trade barbs; or just have a cup of joe.” There are several reasons this email caught my attention.

First, he was able to convey a lot in less than the minute it took for me to read it.


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