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And I’m sure Jodi was tied up helping Kamryn prepare for her bar exam or city council campaign or whatever the hell Little Miss Over Achiever 2014 was doing to keep herself busy during the break. The entire Original Recipe Team was on the bottom because of their (…alleged…) bad attitude, both on and off the stage, when the New Team scored First Place last week. Like they were doing back-up for the Rhythm Nation Tour or something. And she had on horizontal stripes, which…well, you know… The group routine was called master plan and reacted realistically when the results were announced.

Which meant that Sarah was on top by default, since she had performed with the winning group. This week they were headed to In10sity Dance Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. Abby felt that she should just ignore their completely logical point of view and instead pimp out her recent appearance on Dancing With The Stars a few hundred times.

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She has been an active member of the Abby Lee Dance Company since the age of two and trained in tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, acro, jazz, and aerial dance.

Maddie Ziegler has a younger sister, Mackenzie and two older half-brothers from her father’s previous marriage, and two older step-siblings from her mother’s marriage to Greg Gisoni, a Vice President at Westinghouse Electric Company.

I mean, did you see her in that skin colored leotard getting all jiggy wid it? After scooping up their second First Place trophy in two weeks, the New Team had already been given a week off as a reward for their hard work. There can’t be anything left back there after Tami snatched it during that whole front desk football tackle fiasco last week. Which meant that her Mom Christy (…with a Y…) also somehow snuck back in the building when Security went outside for a cigarette.

And girls make crazy faces when kissing boy’s braces. Then there’s Maddie in that punk white Sia wig, getting all tangled up in hotel curtains, clinging to music video door frames and just generally freaking me out a little. As everyone trampled in for another round of geometric humiliation, it was obvious that the herd had thinned a bit. And you know Tracey needed to get something done with that bald spot in the back of her head. She stuck around as a “guest” of the Original Recipe Team this week.

Gone are the days of just counting how many somersaults Mackenzie can do before she loses another baby tooth on stage. She’s got some pretty substantial Big Girl teeth coming in and an i Tunes download moving up the charts. I remember seeing on the Weather Channel that it gets really cold in Pittsburgh.