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It's hard to say whether this has more to do with Diablo Cody's script or Karyn Kusama's direction; neither is at it's full potential here. It was Megan Fox who got lots of good buzz about proving she could actually act, but Amanda Seyfried really impressed me more with her edgy role. They bring honesty and realism to what could have become total caricatures, and their performances help paint the deeper themes of the movie quite well. The whole ' Frenemies' idea that so defines high school girls.

Although, on recollection of the film, the too-random use of humor sometimes seems to have been the biggest problem. It's an interesting concept to examine, and it could have made for a truly entertaining AND thoughtful film. While it wants to get there, it gets too lost in trying to be hip and current and 'alternative' to really become a film.

And while the tension builds decently toward the finale, it all leads up to a climax that... However, this is not to say Jennifer's Body isn't worth watching.

Hell, I was entertained, and there are some sexy little scenes in there.

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