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Constantino lays out the plan: basically to kill all of the soldiers— he says it can take years, but we’ve only got like, 20 minutes or so left, so I hope he can find a way to condense the plan.Speaking of plans, Hawkins’ plan is to go to the Texas Embassy, seeking political asylum.

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Stanley basically says, “screw you guys, I’m going to bury my sister.” So Heather’s jig appears to be up: Beck has figured out that she stole that page that would have found the bomb.

Beck seems personally betrayed, and I’m just wondering when they’re going to start making out.

For some reason though, Beck decides to arrest her instead.

Hawkins is people who know people, so he naturally has a contact in Cheyenne. He’s made some sort of choice to read all of his lines in a monotone through pursed lips and raised eyebrows.

They’ve figured out that J&R is using a hospital as a cover to transport the bomb, so they go to infiltrate it.