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What makes him even more handsome is his front teeth.

i kept reading his profile everyday...looking at his pictures..watching his movie nd say ''though i dearly admire nd wish i culd meet with him if just once,it'll only apn in my imaginations,if it comes real,i'll live with it all my life'' i wish you're a christian........ Sad to hear that your relationship with yoo in na has already broken up. you're really cute and lovely with Yoo In Na, seems like you really wanna take care and be responsible to her in real life! I remember we used to laugh when our elders started using the expression too. I like this actor since Becoming a Billionaire, that the 1st drama I knew him. I had not seen any dramas with Ji Hyun Wu in it but after starting to watch 1000 Kisses; I am a new fan!!

I hope that both of you make a film again and your relationship to her will back. Love to see you again in trot lovers but i wish you film a drama again with yoo in na unni. :) Queen in ha's man is his first drama that i currently watching and since i knew the two lead become a couple because of this drama, i keep praying that they will stick together and please dont fall in love with your other co-actress after this.whether you are a good actor or you really like her but your eyes did tell us that you really enjoy being with her and love her.i just hope that you guys will have a happy life. Though the drama episode is a lot I wanna keep going just to watch them, but until like episode 30 when they said their goodbyes I got disappointed. can't wait to read d'news after your confession to Yoo In Na eonni, hope she'll said YES to you ^,^ and wanna see your others project with YIN as your partner :) The expression "Fighting" (in most cases it is pronounced as Hwaighting") is a very common in today's Korean culture. I will definitely be watching his previous dramas and cannot wait until the final episode 50 (my first time watching a long drama).

:) JHW so glad to see you're excellent work since your return from service. I love you being in love with Yoon In Na ssi~ I really love the Queen In Hyun's Man drama. The characters are also good, especially teh leading amn adn lady, they have chemistry together. This is the first time I watched Korean drama and I loved it! I still watched the whole 50 episodes hoping Wubin & Juyoung will be reunited. It is used as a form of encouragement from one person to another... I loved the scenes where he started singing Love, Love, Love from I am Legend (at least where I first heard the song)!!

Absolutely loved Trot Lovers and mixing in theater is great move. The ending of the story is nice they finally did, but I want more of them...........

Looking forward to seeing more of your handsome graceful presence. keep up the good work and don't forget to thanks God for all the success and blessings that showered unto you........ I been waiting for ur new drama this year but u neva show up. Have nice day and take care....aaahh remember I always wait for u and yoo in na in ur new drama ... Aza aza im one of the fans of you and yoo in na here in phils. I always sleep late at night just to see your smile it really melt may heart. He's exceptional, the way he smiles, it attracts anyone because it is charming and innocent. when he smiles, his eyes and smile looks like Lim Hyunsik of Bto B... I fell in love in his smile.....there any more episodes coming? U make me spechless, n cry on when i see u at Queen In Hyun's Man dramas..