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Wandering through the halls of the hospital trying to find the venue, I saw first-hand the people and the system we were trying to help: nurses, doctors and patients, going about their work.

It was certainly an evocative setting for the work of healthcare innovation.

The conference room was filled to bursting with other excited people when I finally found it, and I quickly joined my team and sat down.

The Health Hackathon 2014 (#HHCPT2014 on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing), held on 24 and 25 January, was one of the first World Design Capital 2014 events in Cape Town, and was organised by the Inclusive Healthcare Innovation Initiative (IHII).

This is a joint initiative between two UCT bodies, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation at the Graduate School of Business and the Faculty of Health Sciences. Francois Bennici, the initiative is a result of their belief that all South Africans can contribute to improving healthcare delivery in South Africa. “We would like to build an ecosystem so that when people do these innovative things, there is a supportive platform in place to carry them forward.” On 29 & 30 January the inaugural Inclusive Healthcare Innovation Summit was also hosted in Cape Town and brought together 320 healthcare leaders, practitioners and innovators together to promote active participation in South Africa’s healthcare challenges. The hackathon was very much tailored to put those challenges front and centre in our minds.