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You get to the top level and we’ll set up a phone call, ask you a few questions, find out what you and your friends are really into and we’ll help plan a really epic night, whether it’s concert tickets or sporting events or dinner and drinks in a really awesome place in your city. I really like Ainsworth Park — everybody’s there after work and it has a really fun, convivial vibe.I also really like Entwine in the West Village — they have an awesome spicy margarita and that’s really good. I think it’s always really fun to go parts of town where there are lots of bars to go to afterward.

We start later in the morning and roll through midnight on nights when it’s needed. What’s the craziest text you’ve gotten from someone during a Grouper?

What’s the latest time at which you’ve responded to a text? There are a lot of crazy ones, but I’m not sure if they’e real or not.

I did receive one where the group said, "Challen, throw some luck our way we’re going to Atlantic City." I said, "Are you serious?

" And they said, "We're on the train." I think they ended up not going but you can never quite tell where a Grouper’s going to lead. Our team did a tally and I’m forgetting what the final tally was but it’s a couple of hundred times a year. I have not reached nirvana, which means I need to go on more Groupers, but I’m in the 1,500 range so I’m pretty close. We came up with the idea that when you do good you deserve good things.

I think the vast majority are jokes but that's pretty funny nonetheless. I can't go that often since I’m actually putting them on, but I go every month or two. Groupers receive Karma Points for referring friends and for going on Groupers.


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