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He finds very little difference due to offsetting up to 9° (the best results being with the upper plane forward) and concludes that there seems to be no advantage in offsetting planes so far as supporting power is concerned. - When the rigid dirigible "Schuette-Lanz" recently rebounded, after striking the ground at full speed, the collision simply spilled four of its passengers. The Zeppelin airship Deutschland, short of fuel and sinking, broke thick pine trees in the Teutoburg forest, before it settled deeper and became so entangled that the airship threshed itself apart, but not before it had ploughed a deep furrow for more than 200 yards through the forest. Besides they would have to reinflate extremely little if they did not want to replace the gas lost in crossing mountains. To distribute the weights fore and aft increases the moment of inertia about the lateral axis also and this steadies the machine in a fore and aft direction as can be seen in the flying of the Antoinette. The couple will continue the rotation until the surface is perpendicular to its course, for then only does it cease to be. His early flying in California we recorded in AERONAUTICS. CLEVELAND CLUB NO MORE The Postmaster at Cleveland, Ohio, reports the Cleveland Aero Club "disbanded." NEW CONCERNS Kenosha School of Aviation, Kenosha, Wis.

Co.; Tarnopol Aviation Co., besides several individual owners, and are acknowledged to be the Best American Motor, regardless of price. Masson, that in our four years' experience in this business, we have found no other propeller equal to the Paragon in strength, efficiency, design, durability and appearance, which 1 think covers all the good gualities a propeller should have. The above is an example of the kind of letters that come to us every little while, unsought and unexpected, from customers who neither ask nor receive favors. Similar results are found for a cambre of 1/7; therefore, at the usual angles of attack, the centre of pressure moves toward the rear as the angle diminishes. Eiffel finds that the thinnest wing is most efficient. 3 0 1,0 20 30 J)0 SO 60 Difference in level in Pitot tube Speed in m. This stops the aeroplane from making headway, and in flying higher, the machine generally encounters dangerous gusts. Lougheed knows that it is suicidal for an aeroplane to fly near obstacles on the ground. To those who are not engineers I will explain that the moment of inertia varies inversely as the concentration of the weight. Let figure 2 represent any section of a sphere in which the centre of weight is at some point other than coincident with the centre of pressure.

KIRKHAM Motors are used and endorsed by Thomas Bros.; Rex Monoplane Co.; Burgess Company and Curtis; Mills Aviators; Prowse Aeroplane Co.; Sparling-Craig Co.; Twin City Aviators; American Aeroplane Mfg. Our fine new factory enables us to kill competition when it comes to quantity orders. The angle of attack corresponding to the reversal of the centre of pressure curve, varies with the aspect ratio: for a cambre of 1/13.5, it is 15° for a ratio of C; 30° for a ratio of 1; and 60° for a ratio of 1/6. But, while the wind at greater height is unrestrained, it actually blows forty miles ah hour there, whenever it is blowing thirty nearer the ground. The question is what should be the relation of the moments of inertia about these three axes to produce the most stable machine. The descent is a glide at such angle that the pressure, resisting horizontal advance will equal the horizontal component of gravity.

BURGESS SUMMER TRAINING SCHOOL NOW OPEN The Hydro-aeroplane Has the Call fcr 1912 M- Eiffel flnds that Wl S the efficiency (Le- |y) of ^^^^^ a wing increases with the aspect-ratio up to a ratio of ^re^tsjrv^rt^ G; there seems to be no ad-^/i Kts Kt^is Ki vantage in exceeding this ratio. This manoeuvering demonstrates the overwhelming by practical utility of even a thirty-mile dirigible in comparison with a forty-mile Wright aeroplane, which, to even fly in an average 30-mile wind must climb much higher in the air where the wind is not disturbed by the very obstructions that protect the dirigible. moment of inertia about the axis The larger the moment of inertia the slower will the machine respond. At C the direction of the pressure resultant is not contrary to gravity, and in consequence gravity is resolved into a vertical and horizontal component.

AMERICAN PROPELLER COMPANY, New Large Factory 243-249 East Hamburg Street Baltimore, Md. Now-a-days it is commonest practice for any expert pilot to always steer any dirigible near the ground where buildings, forests, villages, hills and mountains shield the ship from the full force of the wind. Lougheed, but he must learn the fact that steering the dirigible at a level where the winds are weakest, compensates for its drifting backward along the more exposed parts of its course where the wind's force is unbroken. Now the angular velocity of movement about any one of these axes will vary as the following magnitude of disturbing force fraction:---------. When in this poise the pressure resultant coincides with gravity, action and reaction are contrary, and the descent is vertical.

The more a wing is warped, the less efficient it becomes. It is interesting to note that the streams of air flow off the back of the wing perpendicular to the direction of the wind, a condition occurring only near the lateral edges of an unwarped wing. The results obtained with the last surface are shown in Fig 3 and are similar for both surfaces. None of the "critics" have pointed to the staunchness of the ordinary balloon in thousands of landings made before the "ripping panel" was invented. It is however impossible to eliminate drift, hence it should be placed so that if it turns the machine at all, it turns it towards the high side. The f rst change in the pressure distribution produces a couple that throws the centre of pressure off from the vertical line that passes through the centre of weight.