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Homer frequently chokes Bart; it's played as a joke. Characters are shown getting pass-out drunk, and many scenes are set in a bar. In several instances characters ingest mysterious liquids or foods that send them on psychedelic trips.

often zip past so quickly that kids won't get the deeper statements hidden within.

Life in Springfield can be chaotic, and Homer could very well be the "do not try this at home" poster boy.

Homer frequently chokes Bart, but it's played for laughs.

Religion, morality, ethics, and other sacred cows are mocked.

Halloween specials are particularly violent, with characters killing each other in gruesome ways that may disturb young or sensitive viewers.

Characters sometimes ingest food or drink that brings on psychedelic trips.

Naked rear ends (animated) are sometimes visible, and sex is the subject of jokes (which kids may not get).


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