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I also would like someone to contact me as soon as possible to talk about this issue further and I need someone who can hear me, that is properly educated on this matter, and can assist me with what I ask.

Because apparently these workers that I have dealt with is not qualified enough to deal with this issue and they are not willing to help and that is very heartbreaking.

I will not ever purchase anything from this company ever again and I will pass the word on to other people so that they do not make any purchases at this store.

Reply I am speaking on her behalf of my Mother representing her.

3295 College St Beaumont, TX 77701 Phone Number: (409) 832-1696Fax Number: (409) 832-4344Website: Email Conns CEO: Theodore M. purchased a plumbing company and named it Conns Plumbing and Heating. Tagged as: conns corporate headquarters, conns corporate number, conns corporate office, conns corporate office address, conns corporate office email address, conns corporate office fax number, conns corporate office phone number, conns headquarters, conns main office Conn’s does not stick to their goals of providing “100% customer satisfaction” — more like 10% which I only give credit to an excellent and friendly salesperson and Conn’s sends pre-approval credit letters to children under the age of 7—FRAUDS!! Well the second wash was the same as the first one it did not wash our clothes all of the way. My husband had deodorant stains on a black t shirt, it got washed and when we took it out the washer we noticed that the t shirt still had the deodorant stain on it and it still was very dirty.