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Chungking released their much-praised debut album We Travel Fast way back in 2003.

Chungking began recording Defender in 2012 after taking a period of years off to write primarily for television series and advertisements, their music appearing on such shows as Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Nip/Tuck.

And it’s about time because Defender is one of the most exquisite, well-produced albums to come along in years.

Defender opens with “The Odyssey Part 1,” which begins with acoustic guitars and what would seem to be harmonica, two things you might not expect to hear on a Chungking album.

But it’s only a matter of seconds before Jessie starts singing and her familiar voice sucks you right in, her gorgeous vocals splitting the difference between those of Alison Goldfrapp and Róisín Murphy.

(If you’re a fan of either then you’d surely fall in love with Chungking.) As the song progresses, layers and layers of luxurious sounds are added to the mix and it eventually sizzles with synthesizers and organ over snappy electronic beats.