Morgue and asia from freakshow dating website

The big day arrives and Todd introduces his selection for the newest member of the Freakshow family: Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress -- to Asia's dismay.The reopening is a success, as is Morgue's newest stunt: swallowing a curved scythe that must graze his heart in order to enter his body.

For her debut Freakshow performance, Boobzilla would like to a lift Amazing Ali with her breasts.

Unfortunately, Ali has been experiencing hip pain and doesn't think she'll be able to do the stunt.

With Todd's urging, Ali visits a doctor who says hip replacement surgery is her only option.

Ali fears that a lengthy absence from the Freakshow will make her seem obsolete, but Todd assures her that her position will be there when she returns.

Freakshow is an American unscripted reality documentary television series from AMC that chronicles the operations of former music producer Todd Ray's Venice Beach Freakshow.