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Read the instructions that come with the unit and it tells you that you have to contact Omitec at [email protected] have to e-mail them but if you don’t have that facility you can call them on 08 they are based in the UK and their opening times are 9.00 am till 5.00 pm. They will answer back with a code that you have to enter into the security section that is on the screen in the user menu. Yes this would be preferable but will not affect the car or the unit.

You have to give them the serial number of the unit and what vehicle you would like your free unlock code for.

No you only need the dongle for certain applications – see our application chart, the Hawkeye will tell you when the dongles are needed. If you make a mistake use the key and enter the correct character.

When you plug the connector into your diagnostic plug the unit comes up with the version it is programmed with, the user menu is then displayed, scroll down on the user menu to SECTION 6 security. Select ‘Enter Security Key’ from the security menu. Using the UP and DOWN keys, scroll through the alpha/numeric character list. To re-enter the code from the beginning, press the x key. When prompted to verify the security key, press TICK to confirm. Power down the Hawkeye service tool by disconnecting the power supply. Reconnect the power supply to restart the Hawkeye service tool.

Click on this and enter the security code, click again and enter the code by pressing the up and down arrows to gain the correct letters or numbers clicking the tick and moving along until all the bars are filled in, it will prompt you to check the code. The screen should now show a list of the applications included.