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To request permission to band in additional countries using BBL bands please provide the BBL with the following information: - Master's name, permit number and all subpermits requiring this authorization - Country(ies) where banding is proposed - Project Proposal If other authorizations are requested at the same time, then the applicants resume of banding experience should also be included to document their background with the requested banding/marking techniques.Outside of the USA and Canada, US banders proposing projects in countries with established national banding programs should contact those programs to obtain the necessary permits and expect to use bands issued by those countries.

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The series reinforces some stereotypes, while others are made more complex.

And yet you would not believe that there was such a massive devaluation if you read only the headlines of Google news.

Words like "unification" pop up to hide the fact that about half of the imports of Venezuela will now cost 65% more in USD than they did today.

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