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ON THE WEAPONS, ARMY ORGANISATION, AND POLITICAL MAXIMS OF THE ANCIENT HINDUS, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO GUNPOWDER AND FIREARMS. The chapter taken out of the Sukraniti, on the other hand, aboimds with useful and interesting information, all the more worthy of being communicated, as it enters into subjects connected with war and politics from a truly Indian stand- point, which may perhaps command additional attention now that a war is being waged within the north-western boundaries of ancient India. Patti Sah pumpramanassyat dvidhftrastlksnasrngakah hastatranasamayuktamustib khadgasahodarah . The parigha (battering ram) is of a round shape, as big as a palmyra-tree, and of good wood. And this is the way how it happened : — When the gods had been defeated by the demons in a great battle, which defeat they owed in some part to their insufficient knowledge of the Dhanurveda, they perceived on their flight the great sage Dadhici, who was sitting near the place they passed. The word represented by the Greek word Skolex is no doubt the Sanskrit term cululcl, cullakl (with the variations ulu^pin or euliimpin).

ON THE WEAPONS, ARM OEGAMSATION, Am POLITICAL MAXIMS OP THE ANCIENT HINDUS, WTTH SPECIAL EEFERENCE TO GUNPOWDEK AND FIREARMS. D., PEOFESa OB OP SANSKRIT, PEBSIDENCY COLLEGE, MADRAS; TBLUGU TEANSLATOE TO GOVEENMENT ; CUBATOK GOVERNMENT ORIENTAL MANUSCRIPTS IIBBAEY ; FELLOW OF THE MADRAS UNIVERSITY, &C. The organisation of the ancient Indian armies is well and clearly described in its outlines ; the division of the army into a veteran reserve and young line-troops is remarkable. — Identification of the Manipura of the Mahabharata with Manipura or Manaluru or Madura in South India 145—152 Index 153—162 ON THE WEAPONS, ARMY ORGANISATION AND POLITICAL MAXIMS OF THE ANCIENT HINDUS, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO GUNPOWDER AND FIREARMS CHAPTEE I. Experts know, that a whole troop is required to make it move and strike.^" 19. To him they entrusted their arms and continued their flight until they reached the high mountain Mandara, under whose bulky body they sought and obtaiaed an asylum. Culu Mn is derived from culuka, mire, it is there- fore an animal which likes to lie or to live in mud. The cullaki is therefore a large aquatic animal, which because it lives prin- cipally in water, is called a fish ; and as the crocodile prefers as its place of abode the muddy bants of a river, the name cullaki applies most appropriately to it.'"* It is a peculiar coincidence that in Telugu an iguana is called udumu, and the lizard is generally called udumupille or young iguana; the Tamil name of the same animal is udumhu.

The Nitipraka Sika is ascribed to Vaisampayana and gives among other valuable matter a full account of the Dhanur- veda. IX, 17 : "In eodem (Gange flumine) esse Statius Sebosus baud medico miraculo affert, vermes branc Mis biiiis, sex cubitorum, cseruleos, qtii nomen a facie traxerunt.

One of them, the Nitiprakaiika, has been, I believe, up to now, utterly unknown, and the other, the Sukraniti, though known to exist, has never been properly described and published. irax"- i»2 See Caii Plinii Secimdi Sistories Natmalis, Libr.

While pursuing my researches into ancient Indian history I lighted upon two ancient Sanskrit manuscripts containing interesting information on many new and important topics. The j3rv a Kii\i\^ yivs Tai, rb fifv el Sos oi6v Trep iv rais ffv Ktus rfafle ylveff Bai, rh Se firj Kos, wfix^oiy ei TTa Tohs fiei^ovs 5^ Kal i Kdr Tovs, rh 5e Tiixos Sckocteo ttoi So n6\is (pcurl "reus X^ ? exovm Se 6S6i'Tas Sio, eva &va Kol iva xdrm' Kol S, Ti ttv \ii$as ov afiivmri el n^ irri\^ iro W^ re ko!