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Which, by the way is 50% off on apparel and about 45% off on footwear. They also stock plenty of Cole Haan, Nike Golf, Brand Jordan, and a bit of Hurley.

Why treat your own employee's or partners so badly? You have 30 days and then you are screwed...with a receipt! EMPLOYEE STORE BUYERS: take note, your availability sucks! Here's the deal: you are not Nordstrom, you are not Nike Town. Try making basic items available to your employee's so they don't have to buy from a competitor.

So with that said, if you are lucky enough to get, don't talk to the celebrities, don't buy the wrong size, and don't expect them to have anything you actually need.

Though Ernest Bloch was raised in a Jewish household, as a child he was much more interested in music than religion.

It was only during the aftermath of the notorious anti-Semitic Dreyfus affair, while he was living in Paris, that he began to think of himself as a Jew. this impulse that has chosen me, who all my life have been a stranger to all that is Jewish.” In one of his composition notebooks of the period, he wrote down a six-note motif—G-A-C-B-A-G—which would ultimately become the opening phrase of the Sacred Service and permeate the entire piece, noting that it was for “a possible Jewish service.” It was not until 1929, however, while living in San Francisco, that he was finally able to write this service, when his friend Reuben Rinder, the cantor of Temple Emanu-El commissioned him to set the Union Prayer Book version of the Saturday morning Sabbath liturgy.

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