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I'm pretty conventional, a 64 year old white woman who married at 19 and had her first child at 22.

I've been divorced but spent almost all my adult live in a “traditional” marriage.

I'm still not quite sure what a gaga feminist is but I don't think I am remotely in I like to read books that let me look into the lives of people unlike myself.

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I got some of what I was looking when I read this book but to get to that I had to read some academic feminist theory discussion that seemed to me to roughly equivalent to arguments about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

(And just as uninteresting.) After that, Halberstam shares anecdotes about people she has met and analyzes a number of popular children's movies and romantic comedies (none of which I have seen) ultimately concluding that the whole structure of the world should be something different.

Of course it should, but I can't see that there is any chance for significant positive change through the methods she proposes.

I'm pretty sure this quote near the end sums up the Halberstam's view: “organizations are an obstacle to organizing ourselves.” I suppose this sort of baloney makes for interesting sophomore discussion groups, but I can't imagine it being used to create an improved world.

A roadmap to sex and gender for the twenty-first century, using Lady Gaga as a symbol for a new kind of feminism Why are so many women single, so many men resisting marriage, and so many gays and lesbians having babies?