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After three years or so in Los Angeles, the more enterprising ones were able to purchase their own homes.

These immediately proceeded to install in their back yards the typically Russian institution, the "bania" (Russian: bath house), which, for a fee of ten cents were utilized by those who did not possess such a luxury.

It was not very long before other families also bad the added luxury of a home-made brick bake oven in their back yards where delicious bread was made by the enterprising housewives.

Private congregation meeting halls were not likely until the 1920s due to a series of culturally disruptive events which removed thousands from the Bethlehem district of Los Angeles, and replanted most a decade later back into a more accommodating rapidly growing metropolis east of the Los Angeles River: By 1916, few, if any Spiritual Christians from Russia attended Amelia Street School, indicating most moved east of the Los Angeles River to the Flat(s). "Report of A Home Teacher," Commission of Immigration and Housing, in Annual Report of the Commission of Immigration and Housing of California, Volume 2, 2 January 1916, page 139.) Inter-urban migration east across the Los Angeles River, shifted those from Russia southward in the Flat(s), mainly between First and Fourth streets.

This path would slot them into an low-rent urban sector that continues today, along a ray from Los Angeles city center, through the Flat(s), Karakala, Boyle Heights, East LA, Montebello, Pico Rivera, and Whittier.