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This is basically begging for a list of comma-separated adjectives. So people get sick of glossing over the boring lists.

Or maybe, MAYBE items on separate lines, with a hyphen in front. Try answering this one in a more prose format, perhaps with a twist.

Write a little mini-essay about an awesome perfect imaginary Tuesday, in which you got to share a beer with your brother, walk your best friend’s dog out in the glorious unexpected springtime sunshine, and catch up on a Game of Thrones marathon at home after cooking up an awesome vegan Pad Thai for a friend you hardly get to see because…

he’s your boss, and he’s too busy to hang out at work. I’m an accountant who runs an Etsy storefront on the side; did that one work? This question is freaking me out.” ANYTHING atypical like this will be more exciting than simply reading about your career and goals, even though those are ultimately what makes you interesting as a person.

No matter how much you polish your profile, people tend to tune it out when they’re in ‘browsing mode.’ These basic tips for answering profile questions in creative new ways will make people want to keep reading, and get in touch ASAP! This unpredictability makes your profile more interesting. If you express a lack of success in one area, this actually shows innate overall confidence: underneath your jab is the vibe that you’re so secure in yourself and your other strengths that you’re OK admitting this weakness. You can even get away with a little humblebragging if there’s enough self-deprecation to keep you from seeming cocky.


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