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On the other hand, it's a practical effect that flickers just like real flames would, and reflects off the jacket properly.

The national conversation around online piracy and the usage of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) has heated up to boiling point in the last few weeks, as spurred by a landmark ruling against Australian ISPs - where Dallas Buyers Club LLC won a copyright infringement case, forcing ISPs such as ii Net and Dodo to hand over the details of customers who illegally downloaded a copy of 'Dallas Buyers Club'.

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75 per cent of those people who received these letters ceased sending money for at least six weeks.

“Nearly one quarter of reported romance scams originate on social media, in particular Facebook.

The ACCC is looking to work with social media platforms to keep romance scammers off their sites and to help users recognise when they are being scammed,” Ms Rickard said.

The ACCC has updated best practice guidelines to assist the online dating industry to combat scams.

The revised version of the guidelines aims to address the evolving nature of online scams and provide the latest advice.